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Adrienne Rich
Q.1. What is the theme of the poem?

Ans. Aunt Jenifer’s Tiger is a poem which centers on the desire and depressingly harsh realities of Aunt Jenifer’s existence. The poem revolves around the issue of gender conflict and male chauvinism. Aunt Jenifer who yearns for freedom is trying to escape from her real world by doing thing forbidden by her husband. The tiger she has drawn are uninhabited while Aunt was herself a lonely pained old woman who is plagued with absolute anxiety while she makes a world so different to hers on a screen.

Q.2. Describe the Tigers Created by Aunt Jenifer’s?

Ans. The tiger sketched by Aunt Jenifer are bold and valiant. They do not fear anyone. Their actions are smooth uninhabited and Robust. They pace in bold chivalric certainty. The tigers are the creation of Aunt Jenifer articulating her desire for freedom. This shows so that the tigers represses her spirit and they will prancing proud and unafraid even after death of Aunt Jenifer.

Q.3. What is the message of the poem?

Ans. The poem emphasis on the value of freedom brings forth the message that the women should live for themselves and should not be dependent on men. The poet here addresses the constraint of a married life that a woman experiences. The poem is a Silent protest against gender constraints and man dominance over women in a patriarchical society. It highlights the need for women to fight for their freedom.

Q.4. Write a brief characteristic of Aunt Jenifer?

Ans. Aunt Jenifer represents the lot of anguished women bearing the effects of evils like patriarchy. She is a victim of male oppression and is constantly trying to escape from the realities of her life and she is doing the things that her husband does not want to do. She creates some bold chivalric tigers which reveals her love for nature her desire to get freedom. She is lonely pained old woman who is plagued with absolute anxiety while she makes a world so different to her son screen.

Q.5. What are the ordeals referred in the poem? What is the significant of the word ringed?

Ans. Here the ordeals are the household chores which were mastered by the Aunt Jenifer. She has Spent her life working day and night for her husband and the house. The word Ringed is significant in the poem since the word is symbolic of her sufferings, anxieties and torments. She had borne throughout her unsuccessful Married life.

Q.6. Do you Sympathises Aunt Jenifer’s? What is the attitude of speaker towards the Aunt?

Ans. Aunt Jenifer is a lonely, anguished old woman with absolute anxiety. She dreams of a world which she has never inherit. As long as she married as a result of which a reader may Sympathises Aunt Jenifer’s and feel frustrated. By living out her dreams on the simple screen she makes.

1. Yearns = Desires

2. Forbidden = Restricted

3. Plagued = Affected

4. Valiant = Brave

5. Articulating = Expressing

6. Patriarchy = A male dominant society

7. Torments = Cruelties

8. Uninhabited = Untamed

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