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Important Question Answer

Q.1. What will counting upto twelve and keeping still help us achieve?

Ans. Counting upto twelve is preparing for quiet introspection for proper understanding of human being it will creates a feeling of mutual understanding and bring up all together.

Q.2. Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death?

Ans. No, the poet is not advocating complete inactivity and death. He is advocating stillness only for a moment. A calm introspection of self, during while every human being can create in himself a feeling of mutual understanding to keep the life going. All that the poet wants here is introspection that would bind all the people on the earth together.

Q.3. What is sadness that poet refer to in the poem?

Ans. The poet talks about two chief causes of human sadness. The first one is the Sadness of never understanding ourselves and the second sadness is the fear, threat of life and death.

Q.4. Why should not we speak in any language and not move our arms as much?

Ans. The people of the world speak in different language. Indulging in unnecessary disputes and debates, most of these argument leads to destructive wars. The poet urges people to stop speaking in any languages, but to speak through their hearts. Man so far moves his arms to Harm others so the poet wants all men to rest their arms for once and allow a feeling of mutual understanding to be created among the human beings.

Q.5. Explain the line that we will all be together in sudden strangeness?

Ans. Non stop activity, unnecessary movements has made our life unpleasant full of miseries, pain and trouble. We should stop rushing, hurrying, worrying and running. Even the noise of engines and machines should be stopped. Enjoy the sudden strangeness of the moment which would be unique in that exotic and formatting moment we shall feel totally relaxed physically as well as mentally.

Q.6. What advice does the poet give to show the destructive nature of man.

Ans. The poet cites the example of fisherman who harms whereas well as the salt man who hunt his hand by collective salt, he also mentions the men who wage Green wars, wars with Gas, wars with fire. Which results in victory in which ironically there are no survivors. He urges these men to put on clean clothes, travel along with their brothers in the shade doing nothing.

Q.7. What acc. To the poet could be an exotic moment? How can it be achieved?

Ans. The exotic moment is one which is without rush, without engine, without, gas and machinery etc. the whole of humanity together in the strange and wonderful feeling of love and friendship never experiences before. NO one would be including in any harmful or self destructive activity. This moment of peace would be unusual, special and unprecedented that shall lead to bliss.

Q.8. How and why does Narula shows heeling power of nature?

Ans. Pablo tells us that the earth can teach us never to keep Quiet to sustain life, everything appear that dead and later proves to be alive. He tells us thus so that we can learn from the wisdom of nature and understand ourselves and stop threatening ring our self with death.

Theme of Poem
The poem is based upon the theme that if “Speech is Silver, then Silence is Golden” The poem is woven around the authenticity of silence A moment of quiet introspective will stop the from inflective violence upon itself. Through the silence would be sudden alien poet calls it an exotic moment which would bind all of us in universe brotherhood. Acc. To the poet the quietitude should not be confused with total activity which could refer to death or moral ignorance and indifference. It is infact salvation acc. To the poet keeping quiet will do great wonders.

Q.9. What lesson can the earth teach the mankind?

Ans. The poems ends on the note of hope as the poet urges the mankind to learn from earth, the lesson to remain quiet. The earth that appears dead to us is actually dormant and preserving the seeds of life. Neruda says that acting and talking too much would do more harm than good. Keeping quiet and encouraging stillness will heal the wounds.

1. Introspection = Too king within one self

2. Unprecedented = Something that has not happened before

3. Bliss = happiness

4. Authenticity = Beauty

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