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Important Question Answer

BY A.R. Barton

Q.1. Why do you think Sophie idealized her brother. Geoff?

Ans. Sophie’s brother Geoff was an apprentice mechanic who had been three years out of his School. He travelled to the place of his work daily about which Sophie knows nothing. Since he was a man of few words, Sophie was jealous of his Silence. She romanticised his-life. She was interested to be a part of a world in which she never ventured into, So she dreamt of venturing into his world life the people rise to great them with great self confidence. To Sophie, Geoff Symbolised space and freedom.


Q.1. What impression do you form of Sophie on reading story?

Ans. Sophie is a young school girl who dreams of big and beautiful things. Some of these are beyond her reach or her means. Her ambitions have no relation with the harsh realities of life. She thinks of having a boutique, the most amazing shop the city has even seen. Then she entertains the idea of being an actress, “there is  real money in that”. Actresses do not work full time and so she could run the boutique as a side business. If need be, she can be a fashion designer. She does not realize that her family is not rich enough and that her dreams can never be fulfilled. She is very inquisitive by nature.

Sophie develops a romantic fascination for Danny Casey, a young Irish football player and the hero of her dreams. She indulges in hero-worship. She tells a story that she met Casey. Her father call it another of her “Wild Stories”. Even Geoff does not believe her. He tries to caution her that Casey is a celebrity and that many girls run after him.

Sophie is an incurable dreamer. She has seen Casey only once, but all the time she thinks of him. She becomes sad and despondent when Casey does not come. She suffers because of the dreams. These dreams and disappointments all the creations of her mind.

Q.2. Write a brief Charactersketch of Sophie and Jansie.

Ans. Sophie and Jansie, who are actually friends are poles apart in taste and temperament. Sophie, who is an incurable dreamer flies high up in the sky. She flots high in her own fairy land. She is an escapist, not willing to accept the realities of her life. Both the School girls are earmarked for the Biscuit factory.

Jansie is unlike Sophie. She is pragmatic, more realistic and too grounded. She knows her salaried means and has no desires to rise above her financial status. Sophie on the other hand dreams big and aspires of a sophisticated life. Her habit of building castles in the air has made her not so favouite in the family. Sophie,  who is a fantisiser is advised by Jansie not to dream so high. Sophie who is herself so impractical referred to Jansie as a nosey girl.

Sophie always lives for realizing her pipe-dreams,. Her dreams are not within her access like she wishes to open a boutique that is the one of its kind. Her romantic fantasy for Danney Casey, the Irish Prodigy too  highlights her intrigued nature. She is too inquisitive to explore Geoff’s place of work. There’s no one in the family she gels with.

Sophie in general represents the lot of the adolescents engaged in adolescent fantasizing & hero worship.

Q.3. What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? Give examples from the text.

Ans. Sophie belonged to a Lower Middle Class Background. The following are the indicators that point to it: first indicator is Sophie and Jansie’s conversation while coming back from the school Sophie longed for a highly sophisticated life, shunning away the fact they were both earmarked for a biscuit factory. Secondly, when Sophie enters the house she finds her father’s face grubby and sweaty after a hard day at work. Third, She observed her mother stooping over the sink.

The Small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with dirty washing piled up at one corner. For her brother Geoff was an apprentice mechanic always repairing his motor bike. Fifth, the family travelled down to the united by bus. Sixth her way back to her home. She finds her Fathers bicycle outside the pub probed agonist the wall.

All these are the indicators of the fact that Sophie hailed from a lower middle class family.


1. Utopian = Too ideal to exist

2. Earmarked = Meant/ destined for something

3. Pragmatic = Practical

4. Intrigued = Curious

5. Inquisitive = Keen to know more about things

6. Nosey = A gossip monger

7. Shunning = Avoiding

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