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Q.1. How can you Justify the importance of interview in modern journalism?

Ans. The interview is the most serviceable medium of communication in modern times especially in journalism. Sever thousand celebrities have been interviewed over the years and we have come to know about them only thorough these interviews. Thus, interview is quite relevant in accordance to its cognizant element.

Q.2. Who is V.S. Naipaul? What does he say about interview.

Ans. V.S. Naipaul is a celebrity. He has written novels, travel books and documentary works. He presents his impression on Indian, the country of his ancestor in them. He says that some people are wounded by interview and lose a part of themselves.

Q.3. What drawbacks of interviews have been pointed out by celebrities who consented to be interviewed several times what does this suggest? 

Ans. H.G. Wells and Saul Bellow are two celebrities who consented to be interviews several times. In 1894, H.G. Wells referred to the interviewing ordeal in Saul Bellow once described interviews like thumb prints on his windpipe. This show that even lover of interview have a deep inherent fear of being interviewed.

Q.4. ‘His written output is staggeringly and wide ranging’. Explain.

Ans. Umberto eco is a versatile genius and a prolific writer. He has written on wide ranging subjects such as literacy fiction academic text, essays, children books and newspaper articles. As against five novels he has forty non fiction works to his credit which show his scholarship.

Q.5. “I am convinced, I am always doing the same thing”. How does Eco explain it?

Ans. Eco says he pursues his philosophical interest through his academic work and his novels. Even his books for children are about non-violence and place. These are the same bunch of ethical, philosophical interest.

Q.6. What do you learn about his writing style?

Ans. Eco’s essays have a narrative aspect with an informal approach. Even his non fictional writing, his scholarly work has a playful and personal quality about it. It shows a marked departure from regular academic style – which is usually depersonalized and often dull and boring.

Q.7. How does Eco react to being referred to as a novelist?

Ans. The comment bothers Eco because he considered himself an academic scholar first and a novelist later. He says “I consider myself a university professor who writes novels on Sunday”. He participates in academic conference and identifies himself with the academic community and not the literary one.


Q.1. Highlight the importance of interview, its drawbacks and its positive aspect.

Ans. Although interview as a literary genre is not more than 150 years old, it has become an important tool for journalists. Several thousand celebrities have been interviewed over the years. Some of them repeatedly opinions differ. Some consider it the offers truth. Others despise the interview as an viewer anted intrusion into their lives. The celebrities see themselves as its victims.

They feel that it same how diminishes them. V.S. Naipaul feels that some people are wounded by interviews and loose a part of themselves Lewis Carroll was said to have had a just horror of the interviews Rudyard Kipling considered interview as an assault. H.G. Wells, who was a fairly frequent interviewee has referred to “the interviewing ordeal”. Saul Bellow who was interviewed on several occasion, once described interviews as being like them prints on his windpipe.

Despite all these drawbacks, interview help us to learn about our contemporaries and form opinion. In short, interview acts like a mirror to reflect the personality of interviewee.

Q.2. What impression do you form about Umberto Eco as a scholar and writer on the basis of the interview?

Ans. Umberto Eco impresses us as a person who remains frank and modest in spite of achieving intellectual 0super stardom. Success usually makes people arrogant but we discover no trace of it in his personality. He is a level headed person whose priorities are well defined. Though he has achieved financial success with publication of novel “The Name of the rose” of which about 10 million copies have been sold, he regards  novel as a means of reaching larger audience.

He frankly admits that he could not even expect to have 1 million reader with a scholarly book on semiotics he regards himself as an academic scholar first and a novelist later. He frankly admits the he started writing novels by accident. Now he’s a professor who writes on Sunday.

Compared to his five novels, he has more than 40 nonfiction work to his credit which show his scholarship. He explains that he works in interstices or empty spaces. This is the mystery behind so much of his output. He is Frank and modest enough to call his success a mystery.

Q.3. What does Eco say about the huge success of his novel “The Name of the Rose”?

Ans. Umberto Eco admits that he became novelist just by accident. He started writing novels at a late age of 50 and has written only 5 novels against his more than forty non fictional writings. He prefers to be called an academician though most people know him as a novelist. He says that he is a professor who writes novels and Sundays. Thus, writing novels is a secondary and an occasional occupation.

The novel “The Name of the Rose” granted intellectual super stardom for Eco by 10 million copies being sold out. The interview ask what can be the possible reason for its success whether it could be the medieval background of the novel, but Umberto says that a lot of works have been written earlier about the medieval part without gaining popularity. Even to the writer, its success is a mystery phenomenal.

Eco agrees that the novel is difficult and a serious one but its success has proved the journalists and publishes wrong when thought that people like only light reading. Even his American publisher gave him an advance for only 3,000 copies but 2-3 million copies were sold in U.S.A. alone. The total sale is about 10-15 million copes. Eco thinks that it was written at the most appropriate time and if it had been written 10 years earlier or later it could not have been such a huge success. Why it worked at that point of time, according to him is still a mystery.

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