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Loius Fischer

Q.1. Why Raj Kumar Shukla be described as resolute?

Ans. Raj Kumar Shukla was an illiterate and oppressed share cropper who visited Gandhi Ji with an undying hope that he would come to their rescue and would fight oppression. Shukla did not give up on easy terns and accompanied Gandhi where-ever he went. His tenacity impressed Gandhi Ji to the core and he decided to accompany Shukla to Champaran.

Q.2. Why did Gandhi agree to a Settlement of 25% refund to the farmer?

Ans. Gandhi decided to accept a settlement of 25% of the compensation money So that he could easily break the deadlock between the landlords and the tenants. For Gandhi, the moral victory of the farmers was more important. He took great pride in making the landlord Surrender the money and defeating the nefarious designs of the English landlords and taught them new lesson in defence and courage.

Q.3. How did Gandhi Ji teach the peasants a new lesson in courage?

Ans. The champaran episode saw a new transformed and self reliant peasant. The peasants became well aware of their rights. This episode witnessed Social, Economic and cultural improvement of the poor exploited peasants of champaran. Gandhi’s effort bore fruits and the land got reverted back to the peasant.

Q.4. How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers?

Ans. Gandhi Ji’s Sincerity, empathy and pragmatic approach had easily made him win over the support of the lawyers in champaran. He chided them for exploiting the already oppressed peasants. He encouraged them to court arrest for the cause of poor peasants if he himself got imprisoned. The lawyer too decided to follow Mahatma Gandhi even in Jail and thereby he obtained the cooperation of lawyers. At this point, he exclaimed that the battle of champaran is won.

Q.5. Freedom from fear is more important than the legal Justice for the poor comment.

Ans. The Author Explains the fact that the perseverance and determination can help in overcoming all odds and adversities. No longer an individual becomes fearless and become self reliant, all the battles can be taught if this fear and cowardness gets disappeared.

Q.6. Why was Gandhi put on a trial in the court of law?

Ans. Gandhi had been operating from Motihari, when he heard of a persant being maltreated in champaran. He went on to see the maltrented persant and there and then he received a notice to quit champaran immediately but he refused to obey the order, in writing. Thereafter, he received a summon to appear in the court of law.


Q.1. What did Gandhi do to alleviate the Cultural and Social Backwardness?

Ans. The political and economic success did not Satisfy Gandhi. He wanted to improve cultural and social backwardness in the Champaran Village and sort to get teachers, who would impart education. Two of Gandhi’s disciples, Mahadev Desai and Narhar Pathak Volunteered to work along with their wives. Many others came from Bombay, Pune and other parts of the country.

Gandhi came from the Ashram. Primary Schools were opened in Six villages. Kasturba taught the Ashram rules on personal cleanliness and Community Sanitation. The health condition were pathetic Gandhi got a doctor to work their for Six month. Free medicines, castor oil, quinine and sulphur were made available.

He undertook the steps to alleviate the distress of the poor peasants. His was not a loyalty to abstractions, it was loyalty to the living beings. He tried to make a new free Indian who could stand on his own feet and make India free.

Q.2. Why do you think Gandhi Ji consider the champaran episode to be a turning points in this life?

Ans. Indigo with the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi things did improve for the peasants to a great extent. Gandhi Ji probed out all details and even challenged the power and might of the authorities and left them bewildered. He obtained the cooperation of the peasants as well as the lawyers and successfully made the govt. negotiate the settlements of 25% in the payment of compensation.

Mahatma Gandhi made the peasants not only claim back the compensation but made them self reliant and valiant. He taught them new lessons in courage. He Frantically worked for the improvement of social, economic and political backwardness. He imported education to the unlettered peasants and worked sincerely in the improvement of the pathetic health conditions.

This episode did not begin as a act of defiance but it grew out of an attempt to alleviate the distress of the large no. of poor peasants. The act of struggle got initiated with a small request of an unlettered peasant that later evolved as a struggle of masses to urge the departure of British Gandhi Ji was right in calling the champaran episode a turning point in his life. In everything he did he tried to own feet and make India free. He read the minds of the oppressed so correctly and prepared a new poised India to break the shackles of the British.

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