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William Dougles

Q.1. "In the midst of the terror came a touch of reason". How did the two forces work in opposite directions and how did Douglas fair?

Ans. Douglas made a plan to jump, when he hit the bottom as he felt me tiles under him. He jumped but it made no difference. A mass of yellow water held in and stark terror tool a deep hold. He shook and trembled with fright but his limbs would not move. He tried to call for help but nothing happened.

Q.2. What impression do you form of William O. Douglas on the basis of your reading?

Ans. Douglas is the Pivotal character in the lesson. William Douglas leaves a very favourable impression on us. He appears to be quiet, truthful and courageous and gives us a detailed account of his fears and emotions has he struggles against the deep water to save himself from being drowned. Confessing ones faults and shortcomings is not easy it needs courage, honesty and will power.

Douglas shows firm determination, resolution and strong will power to overpower his fear of water. His analytical mind diagnoses the malady (disease) and searches for a pull. He rises to a heroic stature in his struggle against fear, panic and terror. 

He becomes an idol, a living image of bravery and persistent efforts. He typifies the will not to surrender or yield his indefatigable zeal is a source of inspirit for all especially for the youth. His saga of Perseverance is worth lauding.

Q.3. Justify the title of the story 'DEEP WATER'.
Ans. The theme of the essay is a real life personal account of experiencing fear and the steps taken to overcome it. The story of William Douglas moves from childhood to adult life where the fear of water is constant. Douglas, who is aversed to water is keen on fighting the fear of water. 

Starting from the parents unintentionally instilling fear to the misadventure in the pool followed by pangs of terror on seeing water. The author also documents incredible profiles in courage. His perseverance and resolution is worth the efforts that made him triumph over the inherent fear. The indelible print that the misadventure has forged on Douglas, made him go weak physically, but the most remarkable part is that he
does not give up.

Though the instructor hired by him made him learn the skills of the art of Swimming but it was his own determination that helped him in honing his skills in and under water. The fear that had become a handicap for Douglas, later becomes his forte. He went on to the lake went worth in New Hampshire and made himself sure that he had actually overcome his fear of water. He built self reliance and confidence and went up to ascertain his skills in water.

He later shouted with Joy when he was certain, that water can no more haunt him. He proves Roosevelt was right in saying "ALL WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF". The strategy adopted by him is actually a lesson fear is only in the mind and an obstacle will vanish when you cease to see it existing for you.

Thus, the title 'deep water' has a deeper meaning and then initial deeper meaning and the initial toll of water
on Douglas seems to be suffering on the back burner, once Douglas gets determined. Therefore, the title is
apt and suggestive.

Q.4. How did Douglas overcome his fear of water?

Ans. Douglas overcame his fear by his grit, determination and his dint of hard work. The experience in the beach of California had an indelible imprint on his mind. This was worsened by the experience when a big bruiser of a boy threw him into the pool. This fear became a kind of handicap and the fear chased him wherever he went. He grew panicky in water.

This handicap has affected Douglas so severely, that he could not sleep or eat that very day. Years later, he hired an instructor for himself to learn swimming. The instructor helped him a little bit in getting over this fear of water. He taught Douglas by giving him piece by piece instructions and later he integrated these instructions into a complex whole. Douglas yet felt terror-striker irrespective of the efforts the instructor was making to make a swimmer out of Douglas.

The instructions were finished but Douglas's test for courage was yet to fall soon. He went on to lake went worth in New Hampshire to ascertain whether or not he was fearless, whenever he's in water. Only once did he come across the fear, but he confronted it. He learnt a new lesson in courage and self-reliance. The strategy he had imbibed that 'Fear is only in the mind' helped him stand the adversities and braving all obstacles, he ultimately emerges victorious.

All the traces of residual fear disappeared. He felt liberated. Douglas actually learns swimming but his saga of courage helped him make success fall into his lap.

Q.5. The instructor was finished but I was not finished. Why did Douglas say this? How did he realize his goal?

Ans. The way Douglas grappled with his inherent fear of water is commendable Saga of courage and determination that is reflected when he ultimately conquers his fear of water. To initiate, he hired an instructor to hone his swimming skills. The instructor put a belt around film, this was attached to a rope which went through a pulley that ran on an overhead cable.

He held the end of the rope while Douglas swam back and forth across the pool hour after hour and day after day. He taught Douglas to put his face under water and exhale and to inhale raising his nose. He then taught him to kick with his legs in water. They started up in October and the training went on to April. That was the time when the instructor's Job was over.

Douglas was yet not high on his own scale of confidence. He still felt the lack of confidence. He still felt that here were pangs of terror haunting him. He confronted the left over fear with perseverance and indefatigable courage. He kept himself engrossed in mastering his skills in water. He cried with joy to see himself far More confident than earlier. He realized that he had now become a swimmer. He felt liberated. His unceasing efforts made him a swimmer. He acknowledged that he trusted the lord and the lord himself made his paths straight.

1. Aversion = Dislike

2. Indefatigable = Something that cannot be defeated

3. Perseverance = Determination

4. Indelible = Something which can’t be erased

5. Triumph = Victory

6. Forte = An area of excellence

7. Vanish = Disappear

8. Cease = Stop

9. Grappled = Struggled hard

10. Saga = Tale

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