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Model Test Paper
Secondary School Examination
March-2018 (184) 2/1, 2/2, 2/3
General Instructions
1. The marking scheme provides general guidelines to reduce subjectivity in the process of evaluation. The answers given in the marking scheme are the suggested answers. The content is thus indicative. If the answer given by a student is different from the one given in the Marking Scheme, but conveys the correct meaning, such answer should also be given full weightage.

2. Evaluation is to be done as per the instructions provided in the marking scheme. It should not be done according to one's own interpretation or any other considerations. Marking scheme should be strictly adhered to and religiously followed.

3. If a question has parts, please award marks on the right hand side for each part, marks awarded to the different parts of the question should then be totalled up and written on the left hand margin and circled.

4. If a question does not have any parts, marks may be awarded on the left hand margin.

5. If a candidate has attempted any extra question or part, marks obtained in the best question/part should be retained and the other answer should be scored out.

6. Short type answers asking for 2 features / characteristics / points. There is a candidate who writes 2 points as directed and that too correctly whereas the other lists 5 points of which first is correct, second is incorrect, the third correct and remaining incorrect. If the suggested value points are there in a 2 marks question it should be awarded the due marks.

7. In the marking scheme, a slash (/) indicates alternative answers; any one such answer is counted as correct

8. Brackets ( ) indicate optional information; Marks may be awarded whether the part in brackets is included or not.

9. Candidates should not be penalized if they do not follow the order of the sections / questions while answering.

10. In questions requiring word limit, no marks are to be deducted for exceeding the word limit.

11. Q.1, Q.2 and Q.8 are meant to test the comprehension of the candidates and not the ability of expression. Full credit should be given for the correct value points, even if the answer is not given in a full sentence.

12. In questions consisting two or more than two marks, break up of marks should be shown separately (as suggested in the marking scheme) and then totaled.

13. Tendency to be over sympathetic / over strict in marking – in the first instance, a candidate who should have got just 30 at the most, is awarded 33 so that he/she passes in the said subject. On the other hand, marks are deducted not because answers are not up to the mark, but simply because these should not be awarded. It is to be remembered that the evaluators are expected to use 101 point scale. This is the principle of evaluation which evaluators should not lose sight of in actual practice.

14. As per orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the candidates would now be permitted to obtain photocopy of the Answer Book on request on payment of the prescribed fee. All Examiners / Head Examiners are once again reminded that they must ensure that the evaluation is carried out strictly as per value points for each answer as given in the Marking Scheme.

15. All the Head Examiners / Examiners are instructed that while evaluating the answer scripts, if answer is found to be totally incorrect, the (x) should be marked on the incorrect answer and awarded ‘0’ marks.

Marking Scheme - 2018
English Language & Literature
(Code – 184) Set 3 (2/3) 

Sections-A (Reading Skills) (20 Marks)
1. Objective: To comprehend the passage (1x8=8)
          To identify the main points from the text
Marking: 8 Marks - 1 Mark for each correct answer. (Any eight)
No penalty for spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes 
If a student answers all nine questions, the best eight should be marked

1.1 (i) Dal Lake / Dal Lake in Srinagar / Houseboat on the western edge of Dal Lake;
(ii) it bears the design of a boatman rowing a shikara on the Dal Lake it carries date and address
(iii) Pictures on stamps attract tourists/ Pictures on stamps promote Kashmir/ tourism.
(iv) John Samuel
(v) One as office, the other a museum that traces the philatelic history of the state postal department / shop that sells postage stamps and other products
(vi) Helps them deposit / save money/ helps them as a bank.
(vii) Floods / recurrence of floods
(viii) No fan at any time of the year needed / tourist attraction / source of income
(ix) Fascination (Any one)


To comprehend the passage
        To identify the main points from the text
Marking:-2 Marks each (Any four) (No penalty for word limit) (2 x 4=8)
No penalty for spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes

2.1 (i) communication has become effective / instant 
       message all around the globe without spending hefty sums
(ii) -- able to broaden their minds and improve their skills by doing research on the internet
-- helps in online learning
-- help look up new word they come across
-- help complete assignments on time
-- provide online teaching (any four each half mark)
(iii) Can help in any emergency prevent crimes by providing information to security
(iv) Adverse impacts / affects academic performance
      can lead to addiction / waste of time/ misuse.
      get involved in undesirable activities (any two)
(v) Allows subscribers to load text / airtime credits to their handsets
     it doesn't commit a particular customer to a contract
     one can opt to subscribe using the pay by monthly plan (any two)

2.2 1 Mark each (any four) (1x4=4)
(i) --- (iii) invention
(ii) --- (ii) emails
(iii) --- (iii) monitor
(iv) --- (ii) negative
(v) --- (iii) monthly
Section B Writing
Skills and Grammar (30 Marks)
3. Letter/Article Writing (8 Marks)
Format 1 Mark (Title 1/2 Mark & Name of the writer 1/2 Mark)
Content - 4 Marks (any other relevant point besides the hints given)
Expression: 3 Marks (coherence, relevance of ideas) (1½ mark)
(Accuracy, appropriate words and spellings) (1½ mark)
Objective:- To use an appropriate style and format to write a formal/an informal letter Note:- No marks are to be awarded if only the format is given. Credit should be given for the candidate's creativity in presenting his/her own ideas.
Format - 1 Mark
i. Sender's address
ii. Date
iii. Receiver's address
iv. Subject/Heading
v. Salutation
vi. Closing

Content - 4 Marks
Expression: 3 Marks(coherence, relevance of ideas (1½ mark)
(Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings (1½ mark)
Nuisance caused by loud speakers (suggested value points given)
-- exam round the corner, preparing for examinations
-- disturbance to students preparing for examination these days
-- distraction , use of loud speakers at religious places/rallies/public gatherings on any special occasion
-- nuisance even for common man/patients
-- a noise pollution
-- enforcement of law / laws prohibiting loud speakers not followed

4. Story Writing (10 Marks)
Title & Moral - 1 Mark
Content - 4 Marks
Expression 5 Marks (coherence relevance of ideas) (2½ marks)
                             (Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings) (2½ marks)
Suggested value points: (The beginning of the story is given in the question)
Title & Moral - 1 Mark
Content - 4 Marks
Expression 5 Marks (coherence, relevance of ideas) (2½ marks)
                             (Accuracy, appropriate words and correct spellings (2½ marks)
Suggested value points :( Hints given in the question) 

5. Objective: To use grammatical items accurately. (1x4=4)
Marking: 1 Mark for each correct answer (any four)
Error Correction
(a) A the
(b) Him his
(c) by  on
(d) Are were
(e) Any the / a


Objective: To reorder sense groups into syntactically coherent and complete Sentences. (1x4=4)
Marking: 1 mark for each correct answer (any four)
(a) Parents see work and play as two different things.
(b) They think that playing is a waste of time.
(c) Games are as important as studies / Studies are as important as games.
(d) A student should pay proper attention to both.
(e) Only then he can succeed in life / He can succeed in life only then.

7. Objective: To use grammatical items accurately.
Marking: 1 Mark for each correct answer (any four)
(a)  -- (iv) understands
(b)  -- (i) of
(c)  -- (iii) where
(d) -- (i) be taken
(e)  -- (iii) the
Section - C
Literature: (Textbooks and Long Reading Text) (30 Marks)

8. Objective: To test local and global understanding of the literary text. 1x4=4
Marking: 1 Mark for each correct answer
(a) Lomov
(b) -in return for making bricks for her / for temporary and free use
(c) -used it for forty years and got accustomed to it as their own
(d) -logical / rational / polite / any other relevant adjective (any one)
(a) Custard, the dragon
(b) to tease/ make fun of him
(c) Ink- black kitten, Blink- the little grey mouse, Mustard- a little yellow dog / they are Belinda’s pets
(d) because he was a coward

9 Objective: To test local and global comprehension, themes and ideas in the text.
Marking: Content 1 Mark Expression: 1 Mark (any four) (2 x 4=8)
(a) No one notices her shabby shawl
        It shows her false pride / vanity
(b) He is fond of collecting rare and expensive books, managed it by breaking open a safe every year
(c) The responsibility of taking care of his things in this world of possessions and cope with the loss.
(d) -- wrote for magazines, made money by fits and starts
(e) Rajvir was excited to look at the beautiful scenery and wide range of green tea gardens. Pranjol was born and brought up in Assam, not excited / nothing new for him

10. Value based Question (8 Marks)
Objective: To test local and global comprehension, themes and ideas in the text.
Marking: Content: 4 Marks
Fluency: 2 Marks
Grammatical Accuracy 2 marks
(Minimum four points)
--- Lutkins impressed the lawyer with his friendly manner; led the lawyer to think that the people of the town were trustworthy.
-- claimed to know most of the places where Lutkins could be found
-- befooled the lawyer
-- charged high price for the hack and food
-- alerted Fritz, friends and mother not to reveal his identity to the lawyer
-- even went to the railway station to see him off
-- on his second visit the lawyer learnt that the hack driver himself was Lutkins
-- no one should be too trusting
-that life of mortals is troubled, brief, combined with pain
-death is common to a
-like ripe fruits, earthen vessels human lives will break/ decay (death) one day
-neither father nor kinsmen can save anyone
-weeping and grieving will never bring back the dead alive
-one should accept death

11. Objective: To test knowledge and appreciation of the text. 10 Marks
Marking: Content 5 marks
Coherence and relevance of ideas and style - (2½ marks)
Grammatical accuracy and correct spellings - (2½ marks)
Helen Keller’s determination
-- Helen was determined to study in Radcliffe college
-- did not get into Harvard, girls not allowed
-- joined Mr. Gilman’s school, tried her best to be on a par with other normal children
-- advised to work hard, take extra time to finish course
-- Miss Sullivan and Helen disapproved; withdrew from school
-- completed preparation with Miss Sullivan’s help – tutored by Mr. Keith – qualified to join Radcliffe college
-- dedication, perseverance and endurance made her achieve the impossible
-- wanted to be treated as normal, did not want compassion or sympathy
-- overcame all with strong determination
Sullivan's help in making Helen Keller achieve her aim in life
- Sullivan worked far beyond expectations
- Extremely patient and tolerant with Helen
- Handled her with sensitivity but firmly
- Encouraged her to explore
- helped Helen to study and learn like normal children
- Patiently taught her words and then concepts- Helen narrates how Sullivan took pains and used all techniques to teach the first abstract idea 'love'
- Sullivan spelled words on her hands during lectures
- accompanied Helen everywhere
- Constant inspiration and tireless advocate for Helen.
- for Anne everything best in her life belonged to Sullivan
Importance of diary in Anne Frank's life (Any 5 points)
-it is a gift given by her father / diary was friend, guide and philosopher
-great source of comfort and support
-important in her confinement and isolation
-important in her confinement and isolation
- a friend in whom she can confide and share her agony
-source of solace
-diary has more patience than people do
-a proof of her strength against the atrocities inflicted on Jews
-to record holocaust and brutal persecution of women and children
-she wanted to live even after her death through her writing
Problems Margot and Anne face
-- restricted atmosphere of the annexe- over protective parents
-- Anne became tired of her parents' critical approach
-- she wanted to be independent
-- rebuked by mother and sister, had 'bust ups' with her mother
-- Anne was a daddy’s girl – father tried to check her rebellious spirit but in vain
-- could not confide in her mother, accused parents of deserting - no emotional support.
-- mother's sarcasm and quick temper had been the source of Anne's anger and depression
-- whereas Margot obliged to parents and received care, support and privilege from both
-- they did not talk about their personal feelings with their parents because they thought that they would not understand
-- wanted their parents to acknowledge their maturity and independence of spirit liked to be treated as adults
-- expected a cordial approach and understanding from them

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