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Class-X (TERM-II)

Time : 3 Hours  Maximum Marks : 80

General Instructions :
(i) All questions are compulsory
(ii) There are 37 questions in all, question nos. 1 to 11 carry 01 mark each (multiple choice), one correct option has to be chosen, question nos 12 to 24 carry 02 marks each to be answered in 10-20 words, question nos. 25 to 33 carry 3 marks each to be answered in 20-40 words and question nos. 34 to 37 carry 04 marks each to be answered in 40-100 words.
(iii) Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required.
Following are incomplete statements. Four alternatives are given at the end of each statement. Choose the correct alternative to complete the respective statement.

Q.1. Resources like buses and, schools are classified as
a) human resources
b) material resources
c) psychological resources
d) shared resources

Q.2. Psychic income means
a) satisfaction
b) services
c) money
d) goods

Q.3. Investment is when you
a) save money every month
b) put money in piggy bank
c) earn interest on your savings
d) put money in bank locker

Q.4. Expenditure of a family is influenced by
a) size of the family
b) status of the family
c) locality in which the family lives
d) all the above

Q.5. Personal resources are all but
a) skills and time
b) abilities and time
c) knowledge and skills
d) energy and money

Q.6. To prevent being overcharged you should adopt the following
a) compare prices
b) buy standardized products
c) buy from reputed shops
d) bargain prices

Q.7. Silk can get damaged by
a) perspiration and carpet beetles.
b) silver fish and perspiration
c) carpet beetles and mildew
d) mildew and silver fish

Q.8. On a care label of a garment, a circle enclosed in a square will represent the following instruction
a) dry flat
b) tumble dry
c dry clean with special care
d) machine wash only.

Q.9. Coffee stains are removed by using
a) methylated spirit
b) borax
c) turpentine oil
d) oxalic acid

Q.10. Hot water is never used to remove stains of
a) blood
b) tea
c) ball point
d) curry

Q.11. In suction washing dirt is removed by
a) creating vacuum
b) using brush
c) kneading
d) scrubbing

Q.12. Identify four characteristics which will establish a skill as a resource.

Q.13. Rita earns Rs.4000/- per month. Convince her to save rupees two hundred every month,

Q.14. Mr. Bhatia lives in a city with his wife. Suggest to them two ways each to increase their real and money income.

Q.15. Give two reasons why you have to be alert even when purchasing something from a reliable shop. While purchasing quality stuff what two other important points you must remember?

Q.16. Identify four ways in which packages can mislead the consumers.

Q.17. Write four points you will keep in mind to get best results from the cleaning agents used for washing clothes.

Q.18. Your sister is putting away her cotton saris for winters. What four point you will tell her for their appropriate storage to avoid any damage.

Q.19. What four suggestions would you give to your sister while starching clothes?

Q.20. What four important preparations you would require before washing your clothes?

Q.21. You found patches on your white shirt after it was treated with blue. Give four reasons for these stains.

Q.22. You are making a care label for a coloured gent's cotton shirt. Illustrate one way each to give instructions of bleaching , washing, ironing and drying.

Q.23. Present four points for examining the quality of lining in a readymade coat?

Q.24. How will you judge the drape of a stitched garment? Write two reasons for getting a wrong drape in it.

Q.25. Why is conserving of energy important while preparing food? Suggest four ways to conserve your energy while preparing food.

Q.26. Make a checklist of six factors which influence the income of a family

Q.27. How will you make sure that the vegetable vendor does not weigh less than what you have paid for.

Q.28. What are six common malpractices a cloth merchant generally adopts to deceive the consumers?

Q.29. Seema is not happy with the placket of her tailor made blouse. What could be six reasons for her dissatisfaction?

Q.30. Give six indicators to recognize a good seam .

Q.31. Mention two main ingredients used for making soap. Also list two advantages and two disadvantages of using soap for washing cloths.

Q.32. Why do we use kneeding and squeezing method for washing silks? Explain the method in four steps.

Q.33. Why are precautions necessary while washing coloured clothes? List four most important point you will keep in mind while washing a pile of coloured clothes.

Q.34. List four ways a library as a community resource gets misused. Suggest four ways to prevent it.

Q.35. Elaborate any four problems each faced by consumers regarding prices and information of goods they need to buy.

Q.36. Mention four fabric related characteristics which will help in choosing the cleaning agent and method of washing woolen articles. Educate your sister for washing her woolen sweater at home.

Q.37. You are using chemicals to remove stains from your expensive dress. Make a checklist of eight points you would remember while doing the same.

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