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Time : 3 Hours  Maximum Marks : 75

Q.1. Mention any two motor abilities of a two year old child.

Q.2. Write two indicators of language development in a child during middle childhood.

Q.3. What do you understand by ‘Food Handler’ ?

Q.4. What two points would you keep in mind while storing or using leftover foods ?

Q.5. Your friend does not like to eat any green leafy vegetables. Which two foods can be included in his meal instead ?

Q.6 List any two non-government agencies where consumers can find correct information.

Q.7. Draw suitable symbols for a care label to indicate that the garment should be ‘bleached’ and ‘tumble dried’.

Q.8. What would you add in the last rinse to stiffen silk and to enhance its sheer ?


Note : Answer any seven questions out of the given eight.

Q.9. Your grandfather has come to stay with you for six months. He is very weak. Give four suggestions to fulfill his physical needs.

Q.10. Your brother has saved rupees one lakh in his piggy bank. Tell him names of any four schemes of post office where he can invest his money.

Q.11. Differentiate between money and psychic income along with one example of each.

Q.12. Explain the motor development during 7 – 8 years of age.

Q.13. Identify four areas in the kitchen which need to be cleaned every week.

Q.14. While planning a meal for a school going child, why is it important to have knowledge of Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) given by ICMR ?

Q.15. Suggest four ways you can safeguard yourself from buying adulterated spices.

Q.16. List any two foods which are adulterated with argemone. Mention two harmful effects on health of eating such foods.


Note : Answer any two questions of the given three questions.

Q.17. Suggest two types of modifications in a meal of aloo poori to make it more digestible. Support your answer with suitable reasons.

Q.18. Meenu was shocked to find holes in her cotton saris. To prevent this damage what six precautions should she have adopted while storing these ?

Q.19. Give the difference between soaps and detergents. Explain the guidelines for choosing a good laundry soap.


Note : Answer any seven out of the given eight.

Q.20. Today Yogesh has turned thirteen. Tell him about any four cognitive changes whichmay occur in him. Also prepare him about four problems normally associated with this  age.

Q.21. Briefly explain any eight factors you would keep in mind while making a time plan for a working woman.

Q.22. Give the difference between direct and indirect income. Explain the sources of direct income.

Q.23. Write eight unhygienic practices adopted by a vendor selling chaat papri on the roadside which could lead to illness.

Q.24. A family has been served chole bhature and curd for lunch. Which food groups are missing in their meal ? Suggest two ways of including the missing food groups. Also suggest two ways of making this meal more colourful and attractive.

Q.25. Write eight guidelines for consumers so that they can file a complaint in a court.

Q.26. In which four ways vegetable vendors cheat their customers ? List any four of your rights which you can use in this context.

Q.27. You are not satisfied with the workmanship of your readymade pants. Give eight reasons for your dissatisfaction.


Note : Answer any four questions out of the given five questions.

Q.28. Explain five different types of play with the help of an example each.

Q.29. Explain the social and emotional needs during old age.

Q.30. Your mother experiences psychological fatigue while cleaning the house. What could be the four reasons for this ? Suggest her six ways by which she can simplify her work.

Q.31. Explain any five factors which would influence the meal planning of a family who is living in a hilly area. 

Q.32. What ten precautions would you adopt while removing tea stains from an expensive garment ?

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