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Previous year question paper for CBSE class 12 & class 10 and all important question and answer. CBSE model question paper design that is expected to come in board exams. The questions are framed as per the latest syllabus provided by CBSE.

How to Preparation Exam.

Start with the basic.

You need to do the work from the beginning. So start off the right way be present in class, do the required readings and revision, complete the assigned homework and learn most important question, The process for creating a study guide.

Time to Study.

Time is the most important factor for student prepration exam. According to a research conducted, students study during timings have the maximum retention power in comparison with others.

Use Creative Techniques

Student use creative techniques like study support material sample paper, practice paper, model test paper, important question, practical question, value based question, higher order thinking skills (HOTS) and study support video lecture.

Where to Study.

Big question for students of where to study confuses you, the answer to it is very simple study in a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed.

Make a Study Timetable.

1. Make a list of your responsibilities.

2. Collect all class/assignment information.

3. Consider optimal times of day for studying.

4. Decide on a format.
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We provide notes for good marks in Exam. You can download and share with friends. Sample Paper, Practice Paper, Model Test Paper, Important Question, VBQ Question, HOTS Question. Download free PDF and Video. Prepared by expert teachers from the latest edition of CBSE (NCERT) books.

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